Welcome All!!!

And a one!
And a two!
And a one, two, three!!!

Drumrolls puhlease!!!!!

Sis Grace, Bro John, where are you both? This call is for the both of you ooo.

One certain day, I was on my own jeje when Sis Grace came to my DM complaining about so many ungodly contents raising their ugly heads on social media.
It didn’t take long when Bro John also came to complain to me. The bros sef don almost give up on social media. After a long talk, I was able to convince them on the good social media can bring if harnessed wisely.

Wait first, is this what I am supposed to talk about? Oh man, I just digressed again is like the Bowl of Fire 🔥🔥 I took yesterday is still affecting me.

But, don’t you wish to have one site that can give you all the Godly vibes you wish for? I am talking to you. Yes, you reading this post.

Well, I am here with the perfect solution and what is the solution? We are of course.

Who is we? We as in the entire ZiiBase family.

We ZiiBasers stan God every single time. There is no dulling here and why? It is bec becomes in Christ we have joy, everlasting joy. So sit back, relax as we take you though a rollercoaster of unending joy for an entire week.

Super Sunday Special 👼👼👼
Monday Dews ☁☁☁
Techy Tuesday 💻💻💻
Movie Wednesday 🎬🎬🎬
Geeky Thursday 📚📚📚
Musical Friday 🎶🎶🎶
Content Saturday 📝📝📝

If you want to get enough of this Godly fun then what are you waiting for ‘All aboard mates!’

Check us out on Instagram: weareziibase



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